17 Easy Ways to Have and Maintain a Healthy Body

Man in air holding ball and showing fit body with muscles

The desire to lose weight is one thing, and being involved in weight loss process and maintaining a healthy body is another issue. There are so many factors that helps an individual to keep in shape and stay healthy. Practicing these healthy habits continuously helps one to live a more fulfilled life, and reduces the risk of developing life-threatening conditions. Some of the life threatening decisions include kidney failure, heart conditions, lung problems, diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke and cancer among others. Discussed below are some of the healthy habits to adopt, to have and maintain a healthy body for you and your family.

Eating Healthy

Eating healthy foods

What we consume reflects on whom we are, and is closely linked to our overall health. One of the best choices anyone can make is to eat healthy, because maintaining a healthy lifestyle helps in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases. Leading a healthy lifestyle begins when you choose to eat a balanced nutrition as it can help you lose weight and reduce excess fats in the body.

Regular Exercise

Exercising regularly

Exercise is good in improving your health, and keeps you active throughout the day. Studies have shown that people who exercise frequently are injured less often as compared to those who do not exercise. In addition to that, you can keep your weight under control by exercising regularly. Therefore, it is important that you engage your body physically to keep a healthy body.

Avoid Toxic Habits

Avoid Smoking

There are many toxic things that we put in our body and end up harming our internal organs and overall functioning of the body. Some of the toxic habits that we should avoid include smoking, excessive drinking of alcohol and doing drugs.

Keep Active by Moving Around

When you are less active, you find a hard time moving around and this is dangerous for your health. You should use your muscles frequently for the best health.

Have Enough Sleep

A man sleeping

Many people think that sleeping less than the recommended number of hours is beneficial. On the contrary, sleeping for a few hours harms the body in so many ways and sleep deprivation has been associated with obesity and other heart diseases. Getting quality sleep improves your health in many ways that you could never imagine.

Avoid Too Much Stress

Avoid stress

Stress is one factor that impairs and individual’s metabolism. There are many people who stress eat when they feel depressed, and this craving for junk foods increases one’s chances of contacting various diseases.

Drink Plenty of Water

A girl drinking water

Water does magic to the skin and the body, by keeping you hydrated throughout the day, and gives you a glowing look. If you are having a difficult time maintaining a drink water schedule, then you can make it a habit of drinking water in between meals. Drinking water before and in between meals also prevents an individual from consuming more that required and helps in maintaining the physical appearance of a person and improving health.

Be Positive

A man exercising and encouraging positivity

Positivity does not only come in how you relate with others, but how to speak about yourself too. Having a high elf-esteem and self-confidence improves how you relate with other people, in turn making you feel good, contented and happy about yourself. Furthermore, staying positive also improves your mental health, leaving you free from stress and depression.

Maintain a Healthy Body Weight

Woman running up stairs for exercise and to maintain a healthy weight

Maintaining a healthy body weight is another way to have and maintain a healthy body. That is to say, if you are overweight, focus on not adding any more weight. This is the first step to your weight loss journey because once you watch your moves; you can get into loosing those extra pounds. This gives you a greater health boost and improves your health.

Make Fruits and Vegetables Part of Your Diet

Adding fruits and vegetables to your diet

Daily consumption of fruits and vegetables are essential for the body because they provide the body with the necessary fiber, vitamins and minerals. You can make it a habit of consuming at least a glass of fruit juice in the morning, eat fruits as snacks and include different vegetables in your meals.

Healthy Sugars

sugar cubes in a jar

There has been a dilemma between sugars, which are good for you, and those that are not good for you. Excess consumption of some sugars can come with complications in the body resulting to harmful health risks. Adding too much sugar to your meals has been linked to obesity, high blood pressure and diabetes among other cardiovascular diseases. However, that does not mean that you cut your sugar consumption completely. There are healthy sugars that you can consume without having to worry about cardiovascular diseases, such as:


pouring honey in a bowl

Honey is a natural and healthy sugar and has anti-bacterial properties, making it good for consumption. The natural nature of this sugar makes it suitable for use as a cough suppressant and sore throat soother. Honey contains many beneficial properties, making it the best natural and healthy sugar for anyone.


Stevia plant

This natural substitute is extracted from the leaves of a stevia plant and has no calories. As compared to other sugars, stevia has many benefits, and it does not raise blood sugar levels. Furthermore, it has anti-inflammatory mixtures in it, making it suitable for shedding off some pounds too.

Coconut Sugar

A smoothie of coconut and sugar

This is an unrefined sugar, making it a healthier option because it retains its minerals and vitamins. It can also be used in the kitchen in the preparation of meals, and as a replacement of white or brown sugar.

Pure Maple Syrup

Maple syrup used on pancakes

The consumption of this healthy sugar impacts your blood sugar less drastically as compared to how table sugar does. In addition to that, it contains antioxidants, which reduces the radical damage that causes body inflammation.

Raw Cane Sugar

Harvesting raw sugar cane for consumption

This is an unrefined healthy sugar that is extracted from the sugarcane plant. It may be produced in the form of a sugarcane juice, which is used in healthy baking options. This sugar is not processes, meaning that it has retained its molasses and moisture from the plant.

Good Fats Versus Bad Fats

A Salmon fish cooked on pan with vegetables

There are some type of fats that have a high level of cholesterol in the body, which makes them bad fat because it can play a major role in cardiovascular diseases, obesity and cancer. However, not all fats are created equal because there are good fats, which can help in promoting good health. It is important for an individual to know the difference so that you can be able to know the difference between the good or the bad.

Good Fats

A food with good fats

The two types of fats that are considered healthy fats, and are recommended by doctors are the monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. Monounsaturated fats are fats that are present in different foods and oils such as vegetable oils, avocado, nuts and peanut butter, whereas polyunsaturated fats are fats which the body cannot make, but gets them from food. This type is found mostly in plant-based foods such as walnuts, soft margarine, roasted soybeans and vegetable oils. In addition to that, a certain type of the polyunsaturated fats is known as the omega 3 fatty acids, which have been proved beneficial for the heart.  Some examples of the fatty fish, which contains the fatty acids, include salmons, trout and sardines.

Bad Fats

A burger and french fries with excess fat

There are two types of fat considered bad and unhealthy fats and are known as the Trans and saturated fats. These fats put your health at risk immediately you consume them. Some of the examples of the foods that contain the bad fats include beef or pork, margarine, and butter. Trans fat should be completely avoided whereas saturated fats should be used sparingly and in small quantities. This is because most saturated fats are found in animal products that we consume on a daily basis such as coconut oil, poultry skin and chicken meat, and high fats dairy products.

How to Detox Your Body

a detox drink used to lose weight

Detoxifying the body is all about nourishing the body and being healthy from inside out. This process has been practiced for centuries, and is done by eliminating the toxic substances from the body, and replacing them with nutrients that are healthy for the body. Detoxifying the body helps an individual to maintain a healthy lifestyle and to protect the body from diseases.

Have Enough Sleep

A woman sleeping to help relieve stress

Having a good night rest is one of the best ways to detox the body. Studies have shown how sleep is connected to weight loss and improving the overall health of the body. This makes it one of the best ways to detox the body.

Drink Plenty of Water

A man drinking water to stay hydrated

Drinking plenty of water, especially when you wake up in the morning is another way to detox the body. In addition to that, you should also drink water before going to bed, and throughout the rest of the day. When you sleep for eight hours after drinking water, you can be rest assured that you will wake up hydrated, refreshed and your cells will be energized.

Regular Exercises

A man lifting hand weights to build his arm strength

Working out needs commitment and consistency for better results. However, most people start exercising with so much excitement only to be tired halfway. When you sweat while exercising, it means that your body is removing all the toxic substances, ready to replace with more healthy substances, and this is the process of detoxifying.

Reduce Sugar Consumption

A spoon used in measuring sugar with straw berries in the background

Reducing your levels of sugar intake is one of the best ways of detoxifying the body. This also included leaving the healthy sugars such as honey. You can alternatively add cinnamon to your food instead of sugar, because cinnamon helps in controlling blood sugar levels and curbing cravings

Eat More Fruits Than Vegetables

A variety of different fruits put together

Make it a habit of consuming more fruits when you are taking your meals, as this is the focus of the diet. Remove any food in the house that do not have nutrients and replace with fruits and vegetables. Just by consuming fruits and vegetables, you will feel extremely better and you will enjoy working perfectly throughout the day.

Relieve Stress for a Healthy Mind

A girl meditiating to relieve stress

Most people experience stress and anxiety in their lifetime. Stress comes up due to many reasons such as overthinking, having too much pressure at work, losing your job or a loved one, failing in college exams, among others. Stress affects the body, physically, spiritually and mentally. However, it is important that you remain positive in your thoughts and actions, because having positive thoughts help in relieving stress from the mind. There are many ways of relieving stress from the mind such as exercising, taking supplements, practicing yoga and avoiding reducing your alcohol and caffeine intake.

Small Sacrifices and Big Secrets to Lose Weight Fast

fitness woman measuring her body with ruler dressed in fashion sportswear losing weight

There are hidden practices that when practiced, can help the body lose weight fast. Achieving perfect results means that you have to start small as you grow slowly into becoming successful.

Eat Eggs for Breakfast

A breakfast with eggs, blueberries, and coffee

Eating eggs for breakfast keeps an individual full throughout the day, and this can help you lose up to about 65%. People who eat eggs in the morning report positive weight loss results as compared to people who eat the same thing daily.

Use a Small Plate During Meals

A small plate used for eating

Eating in small plates helps you in consuming a smaller amount of food as compared to eating in large plates.

Quick and Easy Exercises That You Can Do at Home

A group of ladies exercising at a fitness center

Most people prefer working out from the comfort of their homes because almost all home-workouts do not necessarily need the use of equipment. Working out at home is just as beneficial as working out from the gym. Some of the quick and easy exercises that you can do at home include yoga, rope jumping, stretching, squats, plank, press-ups and donkey kicks. All these are exercises which require minimal attention.

Having and maintaining a healthy body is achieved when we consume healthy food and we exercise frequently. To achieve this, you need to detoxify and get your body moving and active. Doing some exercises from home can be fun, especially if you decide to work out as a family. In addition to that, children can be involved in home workouts because there is no use of equipment, hence keeping the kids safe. A good and healthy body should be visible from inside out. Mental stability is also important in helping an individual make the right choices in food and beverage selection.

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