21 DIY Self Improvement Tips You Need to Know

Self Care Isn't Selfish

Many people always want to become a better version of them and learn new things. Life is all about improving yourself and not remaining where you are physically, emotionally, spiritually and even mentally. Whether you are happy with your life or not, the power to improve your life lies within you. Whatever decisions you make now or in the future, will directly affect how your life will be. There are some Do It Yourself (DIY) self-improvement tips that are very important to follow, to make your life more healthy and productive. Some of the DIY self-improvement tips that you can do on your own include the following:


lady exercising at home

When you exercise, you feel great and your body feels relaxed. However, many people need motivation to keep going. You can therefore make it a habit, exercise with your friends, and achieve your dream body and weight by the end of the activity.

Healthy Eating

lady eating healthy meal

Many people are addicted to junk foods, and they find difficulties changing their eating habits. Many people struggle with this addiction. Overeating or eating too much junk foods result into an individual becoming overweight and obese. This leads to self-esteem issues and a person will start feeling less beautiful and insecure about her body. You can turn this addiction into healthy eating by developing better habits such as eating more fruits and vegetables and drinking water. Try eating healthy for five days straight or a week and you will see amazing results.

Goal Setting

Dart on bullseye

Writing down goals has enabled many people achieve success. You should focus on your goals and write down where you want to be in like five years. Where most people go wrong is that after writing down these goals, they fail to work and visualize them. Make your goals a part of you and see how the results will be positive. As you work towards achieving your set target in five years to come, you are improving yourself day by day.

Accept Failure

A guy showing disappointment with his hand over his face

People fear failing, not knowing that failure is just one step closer to success. You are going to fail many times in your life, until you think of giving up, but when you reach this point, keep going and do not stop. For example, when a child is learning to walk, they fall down many times, miss steps but they never give up. They keep pushing until they become stable and can walk on their own. Failure is a good thing and everyone goes through it. Learn from your past mistakes and embrace failure. It is only through doing this that you will get out of your comfort zone and improve on whatever you are not doing right.

Learn Something New

A woman painting a sculpture

You can spend hours on social media, text your friends and family, or use this free time to learn a new skill. It does not have to be something out of the ordinary, but it can even be playing the piano. If you have always had interest in learning how to play a piano, you can use your free time, register for piano classes, and learn the basics. It is through learning that we have the urge to do more, and to become better at something. Learning a new skill improves one’s self confidence and esteem, as they can share with their peers what they have learned.

Stop Procrastinating

Scrabble letters assembled

Well, this is something that we have all done, “let me rest today, and start working or exercising tomorrow”. Sounds familiar, right? As the saying goes, procrastination is a waste of time. Shift things around, set you priorities right and get things done. Many times, to-do lists have helped many people stay on track and achieve their everyday targets. You can write down an everyday to-do list, and once you accomplish a task, you cancel it from your list. You will realize that by the end of the day, you will have been more productive as compared to the days when you did not have a to-do list.


A lady meditating out in nature

Many people think that meditation is a waste of time, when the reality is that it helps in clearing one’s mind. When your mind is filled with many thoughts, your moods will also shift, because you will be giving out the energy that you are feeling inside. For instance, you may be angry at your boss for shouting at you in public, maybe because you submitted your work past the required time. In turn, you will also be angry with your fellow employees, because you are in a bad mood. You can use your free time to meditate and get things off your chest and mind.

Face Your Negative Thoughts and Emotions

a lady thinking and sitting on the floor

You should love yourself first before loving anyone else. When you feel good about yourself, it is easier for you to give the same energy to another person. People will always criticize what you do, or how you are, including yourself. You need to find a way of dealing with such negative thought and emotions. Doing this might not be easy, but learning how to control your thought and emotions is the best start.

Believe in Yourself

A lady raising her hands up

When you believe in yourself, you become positive about everything in life and things start going your way. You might be going through tough times, but how you push through the tough times will determine your ability to handle problems. Pushing through tough times builds your character, and when you push through tough times, you will not be scared when the same incident repeats itself, because you believe in yourself and you have proved that you can get through any situation.

Accept Your Past

A man exercising with headphones

Everyone has a past and you should not get stuck in your past, because you are missing the beauty in the present. You can only accept the changes taking place in your life when you have let go of the past, because there is nothing you can do to change the past. The only things that you can do is to accept it, learn from your experience and move on.

Good things come your way, and you live a more fulfilled life when you let go of yourself. Moreover, you also become the better version of yourself.

Surround Yourself With Positive People

Happy positive people laughing

The people you hang around determine the kind of person you are. You should make it a habit of hanging around people, who see positivity in every situation, because in doing this, you will not have any room for negative energy. Hanging around successful and motivated people will also make you successful and motivated. Make it a habit of hanging around positive people, and you will learn various ways of improving yourself.

Be a Cheerful Giver

A man giving money to a woman on the streets

Giving needlessly is the main part of self-improvement. When you give out clothes, foodstuffs or even money without expecting anything in return, you show that the world is a beautiful place and everyone deserves the best. By doing this, you increase you self-esteem and you feel good about yourself. If you are not at a position of giving anything in monetary or goods form, you can always give people your time. Spend time with orphans and abandoned children who are in children’s home, and just cheer them up and assure them that they are loved and wanted.

Accept Change

woman and man with moving boxes

Change is inevitable, and it takes place every day. You are not the same as you were last month. Maybe you have gained weight, lost weight, become a little taller, more positive or you have made new friends. Change happens in many ways and the sooner you start accepting change, the better you become, and you start seeing the best version of you.

Decision Making

A woman holding a pen while sitting at a computer

Decision-making is a very important aspect in life. Choices have consequences and it is important that you make positive choices for positive results. Decision-making is not an easy process, and most of the time, we find ourselves going back and forth between one or more choices, and we end up unable to make solid and well-informed decisions. Making decisions only become hard when we are afraid that we will make the wrong choice or we are not sure of the outcome. Fear is even worse than making decisions because it leaves you confused and comfortable where you are in life. The only way that you will improve on yourself is when you take the risk, make that decision you feel is the best, and watch how things unfold. It might be the best decision you have ever made.

Love Yourself

lady in bubble bath

This is the first step to self-improvement. You have to learn and accept who you are, and appreciate the fact that you are different from the next person. People only love you when you love yourself. It is not a must that you have a perfect and flawless body like your favorite celebrity. Just be who you are and love yourself with all the imperfections. It is what makes you beautiful. Learn to become your own motivation and not your enemy.

Write Down a Mission Statement

lady sitting at table writing mission statement

Having a mission statement, and constantly assuring yourself that you are who you are, and you stand for something, is the best path to follow for self-improvement. Do not worry about creating the best mission statement; just come up with something that resonates with who you are. It is even much better if you can hang it up on a wall or put it where you see it daily, so that whenever you feel like you are losing yourself, you look up, read your mission statement and pull yourself together and move on.

Be Thankful for the Things That You Have

A lady hugging her friend with gift in her hand

Many people live in debts because they think that happiness is tied to material things. Happiness comes from within. Be thankful for the little things that you have and appreciate the life you live. It is through happiness that we become successful. It is the small things that matter in life, and being happy helps you in improving yourself every day.

Read a Book for Self Improvement

A woman reading a book and sipping her coffee near a christmas tree

It is through reading books that you increase your wisdom and intelligence levels. Reading a book everyday feeds your mind with more knowledge and it is the best way to store information.

Pick a New Hobby & DIY

A little girl kniting with her grandma

Pick a new hobby or sport beyond the usual things that you do. For instance, you can try ice skating, football, cooking Spanish dishes or even dancing. Find a hobby that you have always wanted to learn and it should be something that stretches you in all the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of your life.

Overcome Your Fears

A guy climbing a mountain

Fear has shuttered many dreams and bright ideas in society. In addition to that, fear keeps you in the same position and hinders your growth. Most of the time, fear reflects where one can grow and should be seen as a direction for growth. When you have a fear about something, it is best that you handle that particular situation, because fear helps us in addressing various issues.

Wake Up Early

An alarm clock

As the saying goes, “the early bird catches the worm.” Research has proved that waking up early increases one’s productivity and quality of life. You can come up with a daily morning routine and ensure that your routine starts with you waking up at 5am or 6am. Most people are still sleeping at this time, and you can achieve so much when you have total silence in a room. There are no distractions and you can use this time to meditate, jog or go for a morning run. Once your body has been set to tackle the day you will find easy time going through the day successfully.

DIY Self-improvement starts with an individual. You need to feel good about yourself, appreciate the people around you and see positivity in every situation. Furthermore, develop better habits that will improve your health and life in general. In addition to that, set goals that you want to achieve, either by the end of the day or week, and ensure that you achieve them. Learning to let go of the past gives us peace, and motivates us to move on and make better choices.

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