Pros and Cons of Solar Energy: Is It Worth the Hype?

The energy sun supplies to our planet for one hour can satisfy the worldwide energy needs for one year. Without any doubt, the sun is a great energy source. We can not gather this energy, but we can use it by installing solar panels and that gives great benefits to the planet.

Solar is an excellent source of energy for homeowners and businesses. That means we will have a huge source of energy as long as we have the sun. It seems practical and exciting. Please know that solar energy comes with some pros and cons. The following are the most common ones.

Pros of Solar Energy

The sun rising on a new day

  • Lowers your power supply bill

Utility in Use

Some of your energy needs will be fulfilled with power generated by solar, your electric utility bills will drop. The normal lifespan of a solar panel is more than 20-25 years. That means you can save a lot of power costs for a long time using solar energy.

  • Renewable energy source

solar panel genrating energy from sun

Solar energy is renewable, which means we will never run short of it. We get this energy every day. According to scientists, we have this source of energy for another 5 billion years, when the sun will die. In the case of fossil fuels like oil, experts predict It will run out in a few decades.

  • Reduces your carbon footprint

release of harmful gases in the environment

Solar is an excellent alternative source of energy to fossil fuels like coal and oil. The panels create this energy and don’t release harmful gases. Solar energy does not release carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and water. It is viewed as the most environmentally-friendly energy.

  • Low maintenance cost

Solar panel used by family

Normally, solar systems do not require much maintenance. You only need to clean the panels 4-6 times a year. Also, there are no moveable parts, but the inventor, which you need to change after every 5-6 years. So you will be spending not much money on maintenance.

  • Works in many climates

Solar panel genrating energy in cold weather

There’s a misconception about solar power systems that they do not work in colder climates. That’s not true. Actually, the panels show better production in colder temperatures. The less heat in cold areas allows the electricity to run without being disturbed. Also, new panels are very good at making energy with low sunlight.

Cons of Solar Energy

  • High Initial Cost

expensive to purchase

The cost of buying a solar system might be a little high today. You need to pay for solar panels, batteries, wiring, inventor, and installation. Solar technology is growing with time. It is safe to say the price will decrease in the future.

  • Weather Dependent

solar panels wont work effectively in bad weather

The strength of solar panels falls on cloudy and rainy days. The panels depend on sunlight to make energy. Bad weather affects the solar system. You should keep in mind solar energy cannot be gathered in the night. You will need more batteries to collect energy for the night, which can be costly.

  • Uses a lot of space

solar panels occupy alot of space

The energy comes from solar panels. If you want more energy, you’ll need more solar panels. These panels need a lot of space. You can install some panels in your yard, but If sunlight does not reach them, they will not produce energy.

  • Doesn’t work for every type of roof

solar panel mounted on the ground

Solar does not work on every roof. You will need a good space on your roof where direct sunlight can reach. You will also need space for batteries and inventory. An ideal place would be where panels could get direct sunlight.

  • Not ideal if you plan on moving

A man installing solar panels

Solar can be a good investment. But If you are a young homeowner, and will be moving in the coming years. Placing a solar system on your roof might not be a good investment. Because 1-2 years of reduced cost from the electricity bill will not be able to cover the initial and installation expenses of the solar system.

Solar technology is constantly improving and becoming an affordable alternative to other energy sources. It might cost a fortune now but you will get the return on the investment in some time. The energy created by solar panels is rich and renewable with very little environmental impact. If you look at it, the pros seem to weigh down the cons. We’d recommend you should go for solar energy. It holds the future of power.

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