How to Tell Your Lover He or She Is Awful in Bed

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Is Your Lover Awful in Bed? Sexual intercourse is ultimately the expression of intimacy and pleasure in most relationships. Although a good number of people have decided to stay celibate till marriage or any other commitment is formed, the large majority have taken sex up in their relationship for its many physical, intellectual, social and emotional benefits.

Lacking Something, Maybe

Unfortunately, some relationships lack some of these benefits, not because they’ve decided to stay celibate, but because their partners are not so awesome during the grind. Worse enough, this is a topic that is always avoided, obviously because of its power to cause more psychological damage than good when wrongly said. This article contains some help for you to use to stylishly imply to your partner that he/she needs to improve in the sheets, without hurting any feelings.

Note that not everyone is really bothered about the quality of sex their lover offers, so if you are in that category, it’s okay. Otherwise, here are four tips for telling your partner he/she is awful in bed without crushing their hearts to smithereens:

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Compliment Them for the Work They Do Put In

Instead of throwing what you do not like about their bed action on front line, you could first acknowledge all the things they’re doing well. Then, ease into telling them what they could improve to better suit your needs, without making it seem like you are insulting them or attacking their emotions.

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Guide Them During the Process

During sexual intercourse, you could guide their hands to where you want it to be or whisper softly in their ears the way to go. This acts as a direct pointer in the direction you want the sex to go, without hurting their feelings. Also, when your partner realizes that you are bound to get good orgasms using a particular method, there is a tendency for him/her to do it that way again in the future.

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Tell Them What You like Better

You could tell them, either when having sex or some other time, how you would love it if they went harder while performing one certain action or slower while doing another thing. By doing this, you imply with subtlety how they need to improve in bed without using those actual words.

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Sit Them down and Tell Them Reassuringly

There aren’t many things that are as difficult as telling your lover point blank that he/she is bad in bed. However, if it gets to the peak of your disappointment or displeasure, you might have to do it. Try to do this at the right time. Telling your partner this hard truth when he/she is a bad or gloomy mood is a terrible idea. To smooth things out, make sure you assure them that you believe they can do better. If your partner feels more supported than insulted, this whole ordeal just might work out in your favor.

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