World’s Cutest Dogs and Puppies

Cute puppies

There are so many cute dogs in the world, big and little, of all breeds. Of course, cuteness is in the eyes of the beholder, but puppies usually prevail. There is such a variety of adorableness in different breeds of dogs and puppies, that it will be hard to choose your favorite.

Cute Puppies

Cute puppies or having a cute puppy makes you smile and go “awww” throughout the day. Cuteness is irresistible and is noticeable even from afar. Having a cute puppy draws a positive attention towards you, making everybody want to feel the touch of your puppy. Some of the cutest puppies that will make your day complete are:

Pug pup

A pug pup

A pug puppy is irresistible and do you know what else is amazing about this puppy? Getting two pug pups instead of one is much cuter.

Australian Shepherd

An australian sheperd

This is one of the cute dogs, which will definitely give birth to cute puppies. They are commonly known as Aussies, and have it all, both beauty and brains. If you are a dog lover, who wants his or her dog to be engaged at all times then this is the best breed for you. Aussies love to have something to do, and all you need to do is to pick a trick and engage your Aussie.


Bull dog

The best breed of a bulldog is the French bulldog. It is easier to spot a French dog in every block in a household as compared to any other breed of dog. No need to be lonely at home when you can have a low-energy, big-eared puppy.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Pembroke welsh Corgis

Having an excellent taste in dogs can at times be confusing, because your perfect choice of a dog or pup might not be the other person’s taste. However, the Queen of England, Queen Elizabeth has excellent taste in dogs, and her adoration for Corgis is beyond imagination. This is evidently seen as she has kept over thirty Welsh Corgis in her entire life.

Shetland Sheepdog

Shetland sheep dog

Who doesn’t love a sheepdog? They are adorable and can make you stare the whole time. Shelties are an adorable breed of sheepdogs, which loves kids and loves to be cuddled. There is no perfect way of expressing love other than offering a big hug, and when shelties are cuddled, they feel safe and loved. In addition to that, you can trust shelties with your kids, because they are the perfect companion for your kids when you are busy with household chores and work.

Golden Retriever

Golden retriever

Golden retrievers are one of the most popular dogs in the country for a good reason. Throw a ball to a far distance and watch them retrieve it for you. Furthermore, you do not need to struggle with taking a picture of this dog, because it already looks like it is ready for a snap. Just the perfect photoshoot companion.

American Staffordshire Terrier

American Staffordshire Terrier

This is also another amazing breed and is commonly known as pit bulls. If you are looking for a good-natured and smart dog, then this is your best choice. In addition to that, this breed loves being part of the family and it is better to make it feel loved and included. The family bond will be unbreakable.

Small Dogs That Will Always Look Like Puppies

There are certain dog breeds that will always make you think that they are puppies. Puppies are adorable and charming with their silly expressions, and playful nature. The small pup grows up too and with new age, comes new adventures.



This dog with an adorable face can make you confuse it for a puppy. It is gentle, playful in nature and offers great company to people as a dog and as a pet. The advantage of this dog is that they are smart enough to let you know if someone is standing by the doorstep. Furthermore, a Maltese lives a longer life, and are always happy to be the source of entertainment for them, especially when no one is at home.



This is one of the best dog breeds, because of their puppy-like face. This type of breed is very inquisitive and active. However, this breed comes in a small size, but who cares? All you need is some maintenance fees for the dog, so that it can enjoy being loved. The double coat layer on Pomeranian requires weekly brushing and constant maintenance.



This is the smallest breed of dogs and is intelligent and enthusiastic. In addition to that, Chihuahua’s can either have smooth or long coats. The dog is happy and a little bit sassy, making many people drawn to the dogs. Older people should also consider having a Chihuahua, because the small nature of the dog makes it a good company for the elderly.

Toy Fox Terrier

Toy Fox Terrier

This specific breed is sensitive, friendly, smart and loyal in nature. If you love dogs but do not love bathing them every week then this is the best breed for you. This is because they require minimal grooming and can bath once in a month. This amazing breed comes with different personalities, one being that they are fearless even when engaged with larger breed of dogs. Therefore, they must be kept safe and protected from harming themselves. Good training results into good behavior and the toy fox terrier should be trained so that it learns not to manipulate its owner at an early stage.

Cutest Dog Breeds in the World

There are cute dogs, but the following are the cutest dog breeds in the world:

French bulldog

French bull dog

This dog breed has a comedic personality, which matches with its facial expression. It is a breed of a domestic dog. In 2018, the French bulldog was the most popular registered dog in the United Kingdom.



This is another cutest dog breed in the world, which is intelligent and friendly, and fits in well in the company of other dogs and people. Its size enables it to be perfect for a morning or evening walk, because it easily follows on foot.


This breed has a lifetime of about twelve and a half years. It is also referred to as the sausage dog, or wiener dog, with short limbs and a long body. The hair texture varies from being smooth, to wire to long hair. Dachshund dogs have duties depending on their sizes. For instance, a miniature dachshund has a duty of hunting prey such as rabbit. On the other hand, the standard sized one was bred to scent and chase badgers.

German Shepherd

German shepherd

Just as the name suggests, this specific breed of dogs originated from Germany. It is a modern breed of dog, with a wolf-like resemblance. Originally, this breed was specifically designed to herd sheep. However, due to its intelligence nature, strength and obedience, German shepherd dogs have also been used in police operations, search and rescue teams and other assistants.



A poodle is the second most intelligent dog breed. In addition to that, it is skilled in sports and other activities that dogs engage in. Furthermore, it can act as an assistant dog, perform in circus, is obedient and good at tracking. In the United States, poodles are the recorded as the seventh most popular breed.

Cute Mixed Breeds

Dogs have been breeding for hundreds of years, and this has created a wide range of exceptional breeds with different sizes, shapes, coats and colors. Dogs are the most probably diverse species in the world. Taking these different breeds and combining them with their most noticeable properties brings about a mixed breed, and some of the mixed breeds include the following:



This mixed breed consists of the dachshund and the Dalmatian mutt dogs. The blue eyes and the chocolate dapple skin makes this mixed breed look perfect.



This is a mixed breed of a Chihuahua and the pug dogs. It has combined traits such as playfulness and affection. However, there are other features that many people also consider undesirable such as its difficulty in breathing and it also yapps like a Chihuahua.


Siberian Husky

This is a mixed breed between the Chow chow and the Husky dog breeds, usually the Siberian husky dog breed. This breed is loving, curios and headstrong, evidently gotten from both the husky breed and the chow chow.



This is an amazing mixed breed between the Siberian husky and the American Pit Bull terrier. These mixed breeds range in sizes, from medium to large, have amazing characteristics such as loyalty, and are full of energy.

Cute Dog Breeds That Make Good Pets

Having your dog at home is amazing, and their playful and loving nature makes us smile and feel complete. Naturally, dogs are adorable and any dog owner can attest to the fact that their dogs shower them with unconditional.



Corgis tend to be playful and are affectionate dogs too. Corgis love attention and exercising, therefore if you are planning to own one, you need to be prepared to give them attention and exercise them on a daily basis if possible.

French Bulldogs

French bulldog in pajamas

This is another breed that you will enjoy coming back home to. French bulldogs were bred to serve as climate controllers for skilled workers in chilly shops. They would keep their owners cozy by sitting on their laps, and truth be told, French bulldogs still love sitting on people’s laps. They are loyal dogs and get along with people, both the young and the old, and are good around children too.

Old English Sheepdogs

Old english sheep dog

Old English Sheepdogs are hundreds years old, and were mainly bred to help in driving livestock in the farm. However, nowadays people keep these sheepdogs as pets because of their alertness, intelligence and their playful nature. Regular bathing and grooming can help them look neat and in good condition.

Boston Terrier

Boston terrier

They love fun and are affectionate and loving dogs. If you have been wondering which specie is called the “American Gentleman”, then the answer is the Boston Terrier. This breed responds well to training and make great pets, and love being in a household where they have company the entire time.

Large Dogs Breeds That Are Gentle Giants

People fear large dogs because they definitely know that the dogs can pounce on them at anytime. However, there are some large breeds that are gentle and calm.

Bernese Mountain Dog

Bernese Mountain Dog

This specific breed has a thin and shiny coat. They are good around children but also tend to be shy when in company of new people.

St. Bernard

St. Bernard

This is the perfect breed for families with small children. It is muscular and has broad shoulders that are covered in thick white and brown fur. This specific breed is loyal to its owners and since it is a people-pleaser, it can work for long hours in cold conditions.

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