Signs That Your Partner Is Definitely Cheating on You

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Is Your Partner Cheating, or Are You Overly Jealous?

Unfaithfulness or cheating is one of the challenging problems we have in courtships and marriages today. In most cases, even when you confront your partner with allegations of cheating, it will be dismissed, and you will feel like the “crazy one.” Unless you have solid proof or irrefutable evidence, the cheating partner will not admit it! Many behaviors are connotative of an affair. However, it is entirely possible that your spouse may not be cheating. If you are known to be jealous, he or she may only be feeding your insecurities. How can you know the difference? We’re going to put some clarity on it for you. 

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Tell-Tale Signs That a Spouse May Be Cheating on You

Your partner dresses up better than normal for work

All professional workers want to look their best at work but getting too dressed up, beyond what’s typical of them, maybe a cause for concern. If a suit suddenly turns into low cut tops, you might want to do a little light prodding. If he’s heavy on the cologne, you may want to be concerned. Maybe your partner is just going through a bit of reformation, or perhaps they’re trying to impress someone else. Either way, it’s an eye opener. Pay attention.

Your partner has developed a strong emotional connection with a co-worker

An emotional affair can sometimes be more damaging than a physical one. If your gut is telling you that your partner is bonding with a person of the opposite sex, there’s a good chance you should listen to your gut. It’s possible to have a close relationship with someone other than your partner, but when it becomes obvious boundaries are being eliminated one by one, like going to a company party together, that becomes an issue.

Suddenly demanding privacy

Suddenly, your partner starts requesting for privacy. She leaves the room when on a call, or texting privately when you are not watching. He locks his phone with passwords. Whenever you pick up his/her phone just to check the time or take a selfie, and he panics, this is definitely a sign of cheating. One partner may change their social media passwords, or click off the page when you enter the room. These signs should not be overlooked. Please take notice.

Showing less interest in you

If your partner is cheating, he might show less interest towards you sexually and in daily routine. Instead of a serious face, a cheating partner tends to come back home cheerful and happy without any particular reason. He or she makes noticeable changes, which are hard to ignore or disregard. He/she gets annoyed with you unnecessarily and starts arguments over little things. Just because this new person makes him/her feel special temporarily, he or she has lost site of the love you once shared.

Lying about random things

He/she sometimes lies about random stuff, when it doesn’t seem to matter. A simple question about his/her whereabouts puzzles him/her, which in turn gives generates to a suspicious answer. That also can be a red flag.

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On the Other Hand…

Maybe you are very jealous, and your partner likes to get you riled up. Your partner may not try too hard to prove his or her innocence because, in a strange way, he/she may like the attention which stems from your constant accusations, kind of…maybe. Your partner may be soaking up the attention, even though it’s negative.

Are You the Problem?

If you have no real evidence, and are only going off of suspicions, your partner may not be cheating after all. Sometimes jealousy has very little to do with the person you’re harassing with cheating allegations. It can be a cry for help. You need more attention, affection, or confirmation that you are loved. Previously, you could have been hurt by a real cheater, and past scars are rearing their ugly heads. If your current partner hasn’t been caught cheating, and you have no real evidence, maybe you need to see a counselor. Maybe you and your partner should consider couple’s counseling together.

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Your Happiness

Whether you stay with your partner or not, let me say this…happiness comes from within. The biggest mistake people make is thinking their partner is responsible for their happiness. Your happiness is your responsibility. Maybe a counselor can help you figure out what makes you happy, so you’ll be less likely to stay in a dead end relationship on a desperate search for happiness. Men and women who are cheaters mostly target partners who are insecure and will most likely depend on them for happiness. They control their partners by taking them on a roller coaster ride of emotions. They only temporarily do and say things to make you happy as part of their manipulation. Other times, they selfishly do whatever they want to please themselves, no matter who it hurts.

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