6 Climate Change Solutions That Could Save the Planet Earth

What is Climate Change?

melting Ice glaciers

Climate change defines the permanent shift in weather patterns, precipitation, wind, and other global measures. Over the number of years, the global temperature has increased frequently. The rise is due to greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere.

What Causes Climate Change?

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Nature plays a vital role in changing the climate. But the growth was positively impacted due to the increase in human activities. It changes temperature at a faster rate. The change is here to stay for a good number of years. Burning fossil fuels, cutting down rain forests, waste disposal, over consumption, and farming livestock affect the environment. It is directly related to the rise of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

Impact of Climate Change

Effects of Global Warming

The following are some effects that we came across:

  • The temperature of the world becomes warmer. Change in temperature will result in precipitation and evaporation that makes some areas dry or other wet.
  • The release of greenhouse gasses will melt the glaciers and ice sheets. Overall, the ocean and sea level will increase, and the earth will become warm.
  • Climate change can trigger natural disasters. Floods, droughts, etc. can occur. It is a threat to farmers’ crops and livelihood.
  • Due to climate change, there is an increase in pests and weed. It can harm human health and food safety. Animals and plants will be affected too due too.

Solutions to Climate Change

Climate change is a serious issue. It can affect the environment in many ways. What can we do as an individual or one nation to protect the climate? Several climate change solutions can help to reduce the threat;

Avoiding the use of Fossil Fuels

An industry

The high use of fossil fuels is the primary cause of global warming. When you burn coal and oil, it releases carbon dioxide that affects an atmosphere. The major challenge here is how to stop the use of fossil fuels? It is not easy as our lives are highly dependent on them. Instead, we can look for better alternatives to satisfy our needs. We can increase the use of renewable energies like solar, wind power, biomass, and geothermal.

Change in Consumption and Recycling

plastic bottle to be recycled

Consumption patterns influence the climate. Greenhouse gases can decrease with the change in our buying and eating habits. When going for groceries, you can look for a reusable grocery sack or buy more organic food. It helps to prevent the spread of global warming. Contributing to save the climate, keep recycling in mind. Buy a product that contributes to recycling and hence, protecting the environment. Re-using material consumes less energy, thus creating less pollution.

Protection of Natural Forest and Trees

A plant new growth

A natural solution to protect climate has a significant impact on the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. Trees and forests store carbon dioxide that would otherwise contribute to global heating. Deforestation has increased greenhouse gas levels. As an individual, we can contribute to the plantation of trees. There should be a right balance between the trees cut down and planted to protect an atmosphere.

Change to other Modes of Transportation

An electric car charging

Transportation is another significant cause of climate change. Transport vehicles contribute to the release of greenhouse gas. There is an increase in cars on the road, harming climate change.  Look for alternatives to protect our climate? Shifting towards public transport or using other environmentally friendly transportation modes, electric cars, walking, or cycling needs to get promoted. The extensive use of air travel and trains should be discouraged as the gas released from them pollutes the air badly. There is no alternative to air travel, so it is not easy to avoid it. But it can be limited to only long distances. It will help in the reduction of C02 emission and hence, protecting the climate.

Saving Energy and Water Resources

Solar panels receiving energy from the sun

Another leading cause of climate change is the casual use of energy and water resources. As an individual, we waste a lot of energy and water in our domestic use. You can contribute to the prevention of climate change at your home. Changing to energy saver bulbs, unplugging gadgets while not in use, innovative shower systems, and spending on Energy Star linked appliances. It can save many costs and protect the climate. In the house, you can install a smart thermostat. It adjusts the temperature of your home as per your need.

Upgrading of Infrastructure

An Eco-Friendly home

Cement is one of the leading causes of the release of greenhouse gases. It adversely affects the atmosphere. For electrical wiring and transmission, mining copper and many other elements are used that also results in polluting the global warming. It is not easy to avoid using these materials. Hence, there is a need to shift towards different cement-making methods that can reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Also, look for eco-friendly alternatives.

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