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Memory matching

Memory Matching Fun! is a free game app for iOS and Android. It is just what the name says, fun! Remember playing match with a deck of cards on the floor with your sister, brother, or best friend? Well, Memory Matching Fun is like playing Match on steroids. It’s very entertaining, but challenging too. Besides being engaging, it will sharpen your memory; therefore, even if you lose, you still win!

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How to Play the Game:

First, choose your deck of cards

Memory Matching Fun

Then, match the images on flip side of cards to other like images as fast as you can

Memory Matching Fun match your deck of Card

To move to the next level, you must match your entire deck of cards before the clock runs out. There are 20 levels. Each level has less time on the clock than the previous level. Race against the clock to match your all of your cards.

Memory Matching Fun

To win the game, memory is everything! Everyone will want to play, but only the best will win. How good is your memory? Only one way to find out. Play Memory Matching Fun Today!

Memory Matching Fun Winner

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